Scicon BBQ & Wildflower Festival
April 23, 2006
Fairy Lanterns
Calochortus amoenus
Colorful fungi

Last year's visit to SCICON
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Todd and I met 4wheelbob and his wife Gina at the Tulare County Science and Education
Camp (SCICON) for its annual BBQ and Wildflower Festival.  We had a nice time going to
the booths and then hiking a trail along Bear Creek.  It never rained hard, but it was
misting lightly now and then.  We saw lots of flowers, including many that are endemic to
California (meaning they're found only in California) and enjoyed the sounds of the rushing
creek.  Afterwards we went out to dinner at El Nuevo, yummy! :)
Eastwood's Baby Blue Eyes
Nemophila pulchella
Dew on a Foothill Poppy
Eschscholzia caespitosa
Munz's Iris
Iris munzii
Pretty Face
Triteleia ixoides
Hiking along the trail...