Hike to the most romantic waterfall

Seeley Creek Falls
June 1, 2008
Well, most waterfalls you can argue conjure up romance, but this one more so than any other I've ever seen and will likely see again.  This is a relatively small waterfall along Seeley Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains.  It only drops about 25 feet or so and the scenery is typical for the area, mid-elevation mixed conifer and hardwood forest.  But the large naturally formed heart shaped hollow beside the waterfall is special indeed.  Todd and I hiked down to the waterfall today.  The day was absolutely beautiful, sunny, about 70 degrees, and breezy.  We saw just a couple of other people out on the trail and the flowers were blooming and the trail along the creek was a fun one.  We also saw some amazing gnarled and ancient oak trees down there.  Anyway, we had a great time and shared a few romantic moments because, well, the place called for it I think ;)

To get to Seeley Creek Falls take Hwy 138 1.5 miles northwest of Crestline.  Turn into the entrance of Camp Seeley and follow the narrow paved road across a creek and up and over a hill and around a couple of bends.  Park at the end of the road in the dirt turnout and you'll see a small post for Trail 4W07 which heads north.  Hike down the trail about a good half mile or so.  Just after the gnarliest of big old oak trees and before the trail makes a steep drop to the creek turn right on a use trail and go to the cliff.  Carefully look over the edge and voila!

2012 overnight backpack in this area (our son's first backpack trip!)

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