I am fascinated by interesting signs, signs that are interesting in their location, content, and

Some are funny, ironic, scary, or just point out a fantastic view...

Many of these photos were taken on my Resurveying the American West Trip, others I've
collected along other journeys.
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The Lowest Place in the
Western Hemisphere
Badwater -282 feet
Death Valley National Park
Talk about scary!
Sign in the Thunder
Basin National
Grassland near the
Black Thunder Coal
Mine, the largest
coal mine in the
Hemisphere, WY
The Entrance to the Amargosa Opera House
Death Valley Junction, CA
My Mom posing by
Continental Divide sign on
the Medicine Bow
National Forest at Battle
Pass, WY
Dante's View Looking down
Upon Badwater
Death Valley National Park, CA
Got it all?
Sign before you go
down a very steep
highway in the Bighorn
National Forest, WY
I call this one sensory overload!
Sign spotted in Beatty, NV
Who are the 6
sore heads, I
Fort Laramie, WY
Hanson or Hawk Lane?
Taken near Laramie, WY
How to get to Hell?
Taken in Monticello, UT
Sign for the Bonneville
Salt Flats International
Speedway in Utah.
Only the flats are
underwater, so is it a race
course for boats instead?
Sign and the
building it's
Rhyolite, NV
Sign at the
beginning of
what some say is
the oldest hiking
trail in the U.S.
Sequoia National
Park, CA
Taken near
Bruneau, ID
Who knew Four
Corners had
This sign is
located in New
Mexico, just
Indian Writing?
Is that what they
call script from
Taken near Moab, UT
The Wendover
Christian Fellowship
is located next to
what was the hangar
for the Enola Gay!
Wendover, NV
Sign on I-5 north of
Los Angeles, CA
Sign on a
saran-wrapped plane
at the Davis Monthon
Tuscon, AZ
I don't go to bars.
Especially, "the" Bar.
Beatty, NV
Things you can't bring on
the Hoover Dam Tour!
The Desert Bar
In Wamsutter (Warmsweater), Wyoming
Welcome to the Sequoia National Desert, er, um, Forest
Sign at the entrance to Camp Nelson, CA
Sign at the famous "Y" near Caliente, CA
Yikes!  Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park, CA
The start of the John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA
Sign at Campsite #4, Calf Creek Campground, UT
This Steaming Teakettle in downtown Boston was
America's First Advertisement Sign
Sign warning you of hazards when you climb the butte high above
Zion Valley known as Angels Landing
Does this mean you can't pee on the fire?
Sign on a picnic table at Grandview Campground, CA
You have to check this bridge out!  It was built in a very dramatic
and scenic place on the Dixie National Forest in Utah
Mindi at a trail sign indicating the intersection of the AT
(Appalachian Trail) and the Old Job Trail in Vermont
Cris at New Army Pass in the Eastern Sierra
That's Mt. Langley in the background which we climbed on this trip
Sign in Talkeetna, Alaska
But I want to!
Aren't the reindeer supposed to be pulling Santa??
Spotted outside a book store in Cambria, CA
Would you want to camp in a cemetery??
Along the Appalachian Trail in Northern Georgia
The sign on Springer Mountain which is the beginning
(or end) of the Appalachian Trail in Northern Georgia
Sign at Exit Glacier
This is the only part of Kenai Fjords National Park in
Alaska that is accessible without a boat
One of my favorite places to eat after a hike is
the Happy Burger Diner in Mariposa, CA along Hwy
140 west of Yosemite. Yes, the menu is very large,
almost anything you can think of is on it!
The humble start of the Colorado River
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Do the deer have to abide by the posted speed limit
signs as well?  San Pedro County Park, Pacifica, CA
Stop Sign in Pioneertown, CA