Silver Springs, NV
November 23-26, 2005
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On the day before Thanksgiving Todd and I drove up to Silver Springs, NV to visit with my
grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my mom and dad.  We went via Tioga Pass in Yosemite.  At
just under 10,000' in elevation, Tioga Pass is normally closed by now due to winter snow.  
But since the Sierra hasn't gotten too much snow yet, we were able to go that way and was
it ever beautiful!   (note: it closed 2 days later due to snow so we made it just in time!)
The remote and beautiful Sweetwater Range along the
border of CA and NV in the Toiyabe National Forest
I had to show Todd the famous "Tunnel View"
The backside of Half Dome comes into view at Olmstead Point
I think that's Mt. Dana on the left
The setting sun made the sky all fiery behind Cathedral Peak
I made Todd stop the truck and turn around so I
could get this shot!  Thanks Honey :)
Grandpa and Mom
Grandma and Mom
Todd and Mom
Look at all that wide open space behind where my  Grandparents live!
After Todd met my grandma she asked him what his last name was.  Turns out she knew his
grandparents!  They owned a trailer park in eastern San Diego County and my grandparents
lived there for a short time.  Talk about a small world!  Our dads were about the same age,
7 or 8 or so, and they used to play together; in fact Grandma said that his dad used to get
my dad in trouble :)

Thanks to both my Mom and my Aunt Cora we had a lot of food (to be continued...) It was my
first time meeting my Aunt and I think she's great, she's very caring and warm.

On Thanksgiving Day after stuffing ourselves full of food (we had two turkeys, three
batches of stuffing, mashed potatoes and two kinds of gravy, two kinds of sweet potatoes,
green bean casserole, cranberry casserole, cole slaw, pasta salad, dinner rolls, and pumpkin
pie) my Uncle Kenny took us for a ride in his boat on Lake Lahontan. He then showed off his
surfing skills. Yup, in the cold high desert of Nevada in late November! In a cold deserted
lake without a wetsuit... Too bad there wasn't a single other soul on the lake to watch my
crazy Uncle Kenny!
Todd and Me take Grandma's electric cart for a spin
Hang on Honey!  lol
Dad and Grandpa take Grandpa's motorcycle for a spin
Hang on Grandpa!
Uncle Kenny takes us all out in his boat on Lake Lahontan
We had the lake to ourselves!
Yes, my Uncle Kenny is crazy!
Showing us his surfing skills in that cold cold water on a
cold November day...
Surfing on the wake right behind the boat
I get to drive the boat :)
Views on the way home...  This is Bridgeport Lake and the
mountains that are in Yosemite or just north of Yosemite
For the drive home my parents, in their motorhome, went inland towards
Walker Lake and Hawthorne, thinking they could avoid the higher elevations
along Hwy 395 and the snow that was headed that way. Todd and I just took
395 all the way south. Well, we didn't run into any snow and my parents did,
so go figure. We met up in Bishop anywho and there we said goodbye and
parted ways.