Day 3:  Upper Soldier Lake to Miter Basin
August 27, 2005
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Our campsite at Upper Soldier Lake
Cris is coming back from filtering water
In the morning we made breakfast, packed up, then headed north.  After looking at the
map it looked like we could contour around the mountain called the Major General and
head north into Miter Basin.  This ended up being a fairly easy route.  We flushed out 3
grouse on the way and found ourselves at a great viewpoint of Lower Soldier Lake.  Then
soon enough we found ourselves in the spectacular Miter Basin…  Wow.  There are no
words to describe this place!  There are abundant meadows, streams, waterfalls, lakes,
wildflowers, and marmots all surrounded by towering granitic peaks.

It was a warm day back there and when we reached the appealing waterfalls below Sky
Blue Lake we decided to set up camp – and take a shower beneath the waterfalls!  It
was freezing cold water but it felt great!

After lunch we dayhiked up to Sky Blue Lake.  We went swimming – well, I only could
manage going in up to my waist!  This is water that is very cold as there is snow right at
the edge of the lake.  Cris cracked me up as there he was, sitting there in the frigid
water of that wilderness lake, and he found a comb in his pocket so he decided to comb
his hair!  lol

That night we watched the last sunlight light up the western side of Mt. Corcoran and
LaConte and then went to bed listening to the waterfalls.
Me on the ridge above Lower Soldier Lake
This is where we took our waterfall shower!
Sky Blue Lake
Cris combs his hair!  lol
Shooting Star growing at the water's edge
Mt. Pickering
Yes, the pigs were there to watch the beautiful sunset ;)
My campsite
Mt. LeConte and Mt. Corcoran from my campsite
Mt. LeConte and Mt. Corcoran
Mt. McAdie is on the left, the Miter is at center, and Mt.
Mallory and Mt. LeConte are on the right
Waterfalls and the Miter at top left
Mt. Mallory at left, Mt. LeConte center, Mt. Corcoran right
Mt. McAdie is just right of center, a part of Mt. Pickering is on the left
Photo courtesy Cris