Winter Wonderland

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
February 24, 2015
My son and I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day following a big snow
storm to go visit our local mountains. We took him to see snow when he was a
baby, so he could crawl in it, but this was the first time he'd really played in
it. I hadn't been on a sled for a long time. So both of us had a lot of fun :)

First we stopped in an area just over the forest boundary about 20 minutes
from home which had a few inches of snow. We stomped around there for a
while and built two small snowmen.Then we went further up into the mountains
where it was a true winter wonderland. We bought a sled at the Hardware
store in Wrightwood and had fun sledding with some people from Cuba! Then
we drove up to Inspiration Point and beyond and marveled at the beautiful
snow-covered peaks and icycles covering the trees. On the way back we
stopped at the park in Wrightwood.  
If you've ever wondered what the difference is between Californians
and the rest of the country it's this:  Here in California we drive up the
mountains, shovel snow into our trucks, drive back home and dump it
into our driveways and play in it.  Whereas in winter in the rest of the
country they are just trying to dig snow out of their driveways...

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