A weekend at Sonora
April 7-9, 2006
Last weekend I drove up to Sonora to attend a conference and workshop put on by the
National Association for Interpretation.  On the first day, after I checked in, I went to
explore. The conference took place at Foothill Horizons which is a camp ran by the
Stanislaus County Department of Education.  It's on a beautiful piece of land just above
Sonora.  I found quite a few nice suprises...
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Bedrock Mortars
A family of Mule Deer
The creek disappeared and there were little waterfalls
under some huge boulders
On the way home I stopped at Don Pedro Dam and Reservoir.  There are folks that believe
this reservoir holds enough water to fulfill San Francisco's needs, and the dam that filled
up Hetch Hetchy Valley with water should come down.  The dam was built in the early
1900's much to the disappointment of John Muir and other conservationists.  It dammed
and filled up with water a glacial valley that was Yosemite's beautiful twin.  Click here for
more info