A Kayak Trip on Econfina Creek,
May 2, 2006
PanamaRob, Firewalker, and I met at a boat launch for Econfina Creek right off of
Hwy 20 north of Panama City Beach to take a 6 mile kayak trip.  This is a beautiful
rural part of Florida that most visitors miss.  The waters of the creek are fed by
springs that are cool and turquoise blue and life in and beside the creek is abundant.  
It was a warm day but the paddling was not difficult as in most places the current of
the creek would float us along.  There were some obstacles now and then to paddle
around like fallen trees.  I loved looking for wildflowers on the shoreline but my
favorite part of the trip was floating above the crystal clear waters of the springs.
Rob gets hot and goes for a swim!

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Our launch
Crystal clear spring water and fish!
This was a beautiful shady spot near the spring
Thanks to Linda for letting me borrow her kayak, it
is very similar to the one I own.
Interesting limestone cliffs and lush vegetation
Bald Cypress Tree
A turtle posing on a log