Falling Waters State Park
May 11-12, 2006
What a beautiful sight!
On Thursday Rob, his dog K.C., and I went up to Falling Waters State Park.  There we
set up our campsite in the highest elevation campground in the state.  Yes, it is a
mind-boggling 324 feet above sea level at the Falling Waters State Park
Campground!  Nevertheless, the campground is quite possibly the most clean and
pleasant that I have ever stayed in.  Then we went on a short hike through pine
forest, crossed a bridge over a small bog, skirted a large pond (watch out for
alligators!), then walked along a boardwalk meandering through lush hardwood
hammock forest and finally walked down steps to the waterfall viewing platform.  
The waterfall at Falling Waters is the tallest in Florida and it drops 73 feet down
into a sinkhole.  It is a beautiful sight and we were lucky enough to see it after it had
rained the day before so there was quite a bit of water falling.

After taking some photos we hiked on a little loop and saw a Park Ranger and a bunch
of bat researchers perched on the edge of another sinkhole.  They were there to
count the bats that were there at nightfall.

It turned out to be a peaceful night under an almost full moon.  In the morning I
hiked to the fall one more time to take a couple more photos then we were off to go
hike on the Florida Trail.
A cozy spot to lay my head beneath the pines above
The waterfall in the morning

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Rob and K.C. hike down the trail to the waterfall
The glow of my tent and the moon