Rattlesnake Lake, Florida Trail
May 12-13, 2006
On Friday, Rob, K.C., and I drove over to the Florida Trail Trailhead that's near Econfina
Creek and from there we hiked about 5 miles in to Rattlesnake Lake.  We started about
noon and the first part of the hike was across dry and dusty pine plantations and it was
hot!  I was happy when we finally got into more dense forest and shade!  At least the
trail was flat so the hiking wasn't hard.  We saw several species of wildflowers blooming
under the pine forest canopy including prickly pear cactus.  We didn't see much wildlife
but we did see a gopher tortoise burrow and Rob warned me to be on the lookout for
snakes and alligators near the lakes.  Once we got to the campsite Rob realized he'd
forgotten his medication.  So he had to hike all the way back out to his Jeep but then
drove the Jeep to a trailhead closer to the lake.  So in the morning we only had a short 1
mile hike out.

While K.C. and I were waiting for Rob to return that afternoon, I set up my tent at the
campsite that was on a low ridge between Rattlesnake Lake and another smaller lake.  I
then ate a snack, cautiously waded out into the clear and warm waters of the lake to get
some water to filter, then K.C. and I napped in the shade of the oak trees.  Late in the
day K.C. and I started walking towards the trailhead.  I was getting a little worried
about Rob hiking alone but soon enough we found him walking down the trail towards us.

That night we watched the full moon rise over Rattlesnake Lake and heard coyotes
calling in the distance.  It was a warm and peaceful night and in the morning I awoke to
fog.  We ate breakfast and packed up as the fog burned off then hiked out to the Jeep.
Rattlesnake Lake
Prickly Pear
Two unidentified white flowers were growing near the prickly pear
Gopher tortoise burrow
Deer moss (I suspect it's actually a lichen)
My campsite, above
K.C. patiently waits for Rob to return, below
Spanish Moss and Sunset
Moonrise in the evening
Fog in the morning
Two unidentified little beauties
The trail home again...