Wakulla Springs State Park, FL
May 1, 2006
Ever been on the Jungle Cruise Ride at Disneyland?  Well, a visit to Wakulla Springs
State Park in Florida is like that...  only real!

Wakulla Spring is one of the largest and deepest fresh water springs in the world.  
Wakulla means deep and mysterious waters and these pure waters bring abundant plant
and animal life to the area.  Boat tours are given many times a day and they afford a
great opportunity to get up close and personal with the wildlife.  We took the last 2
boat tours of the day and saw tons of birds as well as alligators, snakes, and even a
deer.  And I particularly enjoyed cruising past the ancient bald cypress trees :)  
They're in the same family as giant sequoia trees afterall!
I think these guys (or gals?) are enjoying themselves
Don't they look like they're smiling?  :)
Great Blue Heron on her nest, above and below
Anhingas spread their wings to dry them after diving for fish.
The anhinga, unlike most birds, does not produce oil to waterproof
its feathers – which allows the bird to dive deep for prey but
requires the bird to spread its wings to dry out after diving.
Great Egret sitting on her nest

Next to her, but one foot away, was a mother Anhinga on her nest!
White Ibis
Tricolored Heron above
Little Blue Heron below
I think this is an immature Little Blue Heron

Mature Little Blue Below
Spider Lily and Cypress Knee
Osprey in her nest, above and below
Black Vultures
Wood Duck mom and her chicks, above and below
Yellow-crowned Night Heron

We saw several of these on their nests, as well, but the light was
dim and my photos didn't turn out too great
Cruising back up the side channel in route back to the dock

The Creature from the Black Lagoon and one of the Tarzan movies
were filmed here at Wakulla Springs