More Desert Wildflowers

March 18-19, 2014
I zipped over to my parents' house in Lucerne Valley on Tuesday and picked up my
Mom and then we packed a lunch and headed up Hwy 247 towards Barstow.  This
highway goes over a pass in the Ord Mountains and was reputed by the usual folks
to be putting on a nice spring wildflower show.  We weren't disappointed.  No
carpets of coreopsis over here, but there were carpets of desert dandelion and
goldfields and "rugs" of purple phacelia around every bush and cactus.  Also
particularly nice were the cream cups, mallow, and we found one little valley
absolutely bursting with canterbury bells!  They were the biggest healthiest and
bloomiest plants of this species I've ever seen.  Yes, bloomiest is a word in my
dictionary :p

We also saw two areas where blue dicks were blooming, and normally I don't
think of it as a desert plant.  We were in heaven exploring and discovering it all.

We also discovered a campground I didn't know existed.   That's saying a lot,
because I not only know about most local campgrounds but have stayed in them!  
My Mom said don't publicize the name, because it's not signed, doesn't appear on
most maps, and was quite pleasant.  And it's not far from her home and has a cute
play area for the kid so she wants to keep it for herself, lol!

I was very glad my Mom came with me.  She recently lost her best friend, who
had lost her daughter to a sudden aneurism.  When we were growing up we would
all go walking through the high desert near Bishop.  Not with any particular
agenda, I just remember all of us piling in a car with a packed lunch and going
exploring.  It's fun and therapeutic.

Anyway, we may head back thereabouts this week - or a little to the east
towards the Newberry Mountains - or north towards Death Valley - to see more