A Spring Sunday
March 19, 2006
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Todd and I took a drive up to Sequoia National Park today.  The weather was supposed to
be partly cloudy, which it was in the foothills, but as we drove higher into the mountains it
begain to rain then snow.  We had to stop and put chains on my truck in order to get up to
Giant Forest but it was worth the effort as it was beautiful up there!  And we saw a
coyote just a few miles before we reached the grove :)
Fields of wild mustard along the Frazier Valley
Road between Springville and Strathmore, CA
Baby Blue Eyes growing near Lake Kaweah
A small creek alongside the General's Highway,
Sequoia National Park
A little higher up and the snow is starting to stick
Chains required!
At the Giant Forest Museum you can see these cute antique
ceramic salt 'n' pepper shakers and vase.  I donated the
salt 'n' pepper shakers to the museum :)  Well, actually, it
says they're "on loan" from my collection!
Moro Rock was trying to peak through the clouds.  
We stopped at Amphitheatre Point to eat lunch and
to wait and see if it would be uncovered...  But this is
all that was unveiled to us on this day.
Virga falling from the clouds near Lemon Cove
A pastoral scene as reflected in a puddle on the Yokohl Valley Road

I like taking the Yokohl Valley Road home back to my house as it's nothing but beautiful
rolling green hills dotted with oaks with a couple of cattle ranches scattered along the
way.  It's a key area for California Condors and lots of other endangered species.  I've
seen raptors, deer, and bobcats along with dozens of types of wildflowers along this
road.  There are over 40 important Native American pictograph and archaeological sites
in this valley and the historic Jordan Trail ran right through here.

If you'd like to see this beautiful unspoiled  place, better do it now!  A developer, J.G.
Boswell, is pushing to build a city here.  It would house between 20-30,000 people,
making it the 4th largest city in Tulare County and 10 times larger than Three Rivers.  
The proposed city would have to rely on limited supplies of surface water for its needs.
Fields of Fiddleneck and Popcorn Flower along the
Yokohl Valley Road
The sun sets over Yokohl Valley