Lassen NP, NF & Plumas NF Roadtrip
June 2019
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We spent a week touring Lassen National Park, where there
was still 20+ feet of snow! And then Lassen & Plumas National
Forests.  We camped at Manzanita Lake, High Bridge, Roxie
Peconum, Spanish Creek, and Gansner Campgrounds.  We
sledded, hiked, swam, searched for wildflowers, skipped
rocks, roasted marshmallows and had a great time!
Roop’s Fort, the oldest structure in Susanville, built in 1854
as a trading post and ranch
On road/car camping trips, look into swimming opportunities at
local community pools - that way you can also get a shower!
Susanville has a beautiful new community pool
Roxie Peconum Campground is a sacred site for the Mountain
Maidu.  Every spring they hold a bear dance here. It's an
incredibly picturesque spot, especially in the spring when the
wildflowers are blooming! And it's a free campground!