Lake Tahoe
April 24-29, 2005
Tahoe 06
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This last week I was in Tahoe for a mandatory work training and I got to stay in a hotel right on the water.  The training was held at Zephyr Point and was also right on the water. It was so amazingly gorgeous and peaceful and I loved being there in the winter (yes, it's still winter there...) I didn't have much time to get out and hike but I did drive over to the Tallac Historic Site where I lived and worked back in the summer of 1998. There I had to hike over a snow bank to get down to the beautiful sand beach and I spent an hour or so walking along the south shore of Tahoe and trying to stay warm. I also got in a drive around Emerald Bay (I never did like that road as for one section it's very narrow and is on top of a glacial moraine and on either side it drops straight down hundreds of feet and there is no guardrail... then you go through a section which is icy and where signs tell you not to stop due to extreme avalanche danger!) Also, Hikerduane drove up from Carson City and took me out to dinner at a nice little Italian place on Wednesday night and we had lots of good conversation :)