Trail of 100 Giants
Long Meadow Grove
2013 update - the huge double sequoia pictured above
had a good lean going - and it has now fallen.  It missed
the small white fir and interpretive sign, but crushed
the bridge.  It missed falling on any other giant
sequoias, so that's the good news.  We visited it in
2013 with my young son.  
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Dad posing next to a big one
Fallen leaves
Kristine and Joe by
the Quintet
The Trail of 100 Giants is a 1.3
mile fully accessible
interpretive trail through
majestic towering sequoias in
the Long Meadow Grove. It is
fairly easy to get to by car on
the Western Divide Highway
about 1/2 hour from Camp
Nelson or California Hot
Springs in the Giant Sequoia
National Monument. Hiking
along the trail through the
grove, you'll find many old
sequoias growing amongst
incense cedar, sugar and
ponderosa pine, and red and
white fir.  It is estimated
that these trees are from
1,500 to 2,000 years old.
Sometimes it's hard to
tell the difference
between incense cedars
and young sequoias...  
Which is this?
Many of the sequoias
have burn scars.  Most
giant sequoias can
survive low to moderate
intensity wildfires and
the heat from a fire
actually helps their cones
dry out and releases
their seeds
This is the Fallen Giant, a huge giant sequoia that
fell over at least 100 years ago
This fallen giant sequoia isn't quite as big as the
Fallen Giant but still has an impressively large
rootball that got uprooted.  Look at the large
white fir tree growing out of there now!
These twin sequoias have an area between them
that was burned out and you can squeeze into this
"room" and it can probably fit 10 people in there
Unlike many sequoia groves that are in the National Parks, the
trees in the Long Meadow Grove are not fenced off so people
can walk up to them and touch them