Twin Lakes
June 26-27, 2000
This was an early summer hike up to a pair of lakes in Sequoia National Park.  The Twin
Lakes Trail starts at Lodgepole Campground and it is about seven miles and 3,000 feet up
to the lakes.  The first mile of the trail is a steady climb up the ridge.  The second mile is
relatively flat and is in a dense lodgepole pine and white and red fir forest.  Once you reach
Silliman Creek the trail starts to climb again.  Soon you reach Cahoon Meadow and there is a
campsite here.  Continuing there is a steady climb up Cahoon Gap.  Then you lose about 500
feet as you drop to Clover Creek.  There are several campsites at the creek and you can
take a trail from here up to JO Pass and
Jennie Lake.

From Clover Creek the trail climbs ever higher and there are some beautiful little
waterfalls off to the right of the trail.  I began to hurry at this point in the hike as a storm
was brewing.  I reached Twin Lakes just as rain began to fall and I quickly set up my tent,
stowed my food in the bear box, and crawled in the tent.  Thunder crashed and hail fell and
it was quite a storm!  Good news was the hail and colder temps that came with the storm
seemed to scare away the mosquitos and I had a nice evening exploring the shores of the
lakes.  I found a vast meadow full of Jeffrey shooting stars and enjoyed the views of
Silliman Peak.
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Northern Twin Lake
Southern Twin Lake
Water cascading off
exfoliating granite steps