Washington D.C.
and Jamestown & Williamsburg, VA
March 1998
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During Spring Break back in 1998 I flew to Washington, D.C. to visit my sister.  She
and Joe were living in Arlington, VA at the time and I spent the week visiting with
them and touring the sights around our Nation's Capitol.  Towards the end of the week
Kristine and I took a roadtrip down to Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA.  These are
some old photos from that trip that I recently scanned in...  hope you enjoy them!
Me in front of the White House
Kristine and I on the steps of the Lincoln Monument with the
National Mall and Washington Monument behind us
Me in front of the Jefferson Monument
Kristine and I in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial
The Washington Monument reflected in the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial
Kristine on the front steps of the Library of Congress
Daffodil fields along the Potomac River
Williamsburg was the capitol of Virginia from 1699 to 1760, back
when this country and its ideals of government were forming.  It is
now preserved as a living history city and it's a fun place to explore.
Kristine near the James River
Jamestown Cemetary, above
Settlement ruins, below

Jamestown was the first permanent English Colony in North America.  It is
where the true story of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas took place.