Our Wedding!

May 12, 2007
Our wedding was wonderful :)  We had perfect weather that Saturday afternoon (sunny and
about 84* with a light breeze) and things went well.  The ceremony and reception (as well as
rehearsal/rehearsal dinner)  were at River Ridge Ranch in Springville.  The sounds of the
Tule River and of birds singing were in the background as we said our vows underneath a
beautiful California Sycamore tree.  My mom and dad walked me up the aisle, my best friend
Mindi officiated, our brother-in-law Joe and niece Crystal read, and Jill, our neighbor, sang.  
It was the wedding of my dreams and I got married to the man of my dreams :)  I am glad
that so many of our family and friends were able to come and the day was a whirlwind of fun.

Our DJ for the reception (Dan Smith, D&L Productions, Visalia) also does videography and
generously offered to film our wedding for free and I'm so glad he did!  Todd and I watched
the DVD last night for the first time and it was nice to see and remember all the little
moments that we may have otherwise forgotten.

We also had our own paparazzi following us around that day and seeing their photos brings me
a lot of joy.  Thanks to my friend and backpacking bud Cris, the best man's wife Patty, our
friends Shirlee and Cynde, my uncle Kenny, brother-in-law Rod, and my sister Kristine for all
the fabulous photos!

Thanks also to the Bridal Party!
Matron of Honor ~ my sister Kristine
Bridesmaid ~ Todd's sister Tina
Flower Girl ~ Todd's niece Cassie
Best Man ~ Todd's friend Brian
Groomsman ~ Todd's friend Mike
Ring Bearer ~ Todd's nephew Brandon
Readers ~ My brother-in-law Joe and Todd's niece Crystal
Singer/Guitarist ~ Our neighbor Jill Warren
Officiant ~ My best friend Mindi

Thanks to my Aunt Shirley and cousin Cherise who did an extra fabulous job decorating the
reception tables!  Cherise and Dillon also served as ushers and did a great job :)

Thanks to my brother-in-law Joe for reading during the ceremony and helping to set up tables
and chairs the day before.  Thanks also to my family and friends who helped take them down
the day after.

Thanks to my crazy sister Kristine who, of course, couldn't just do a normal toast at the
reception...  She instead rounded up various family and friends to do a skit!  It was halarious!  
But not a bit of it was true ;)

Thanks to the best man Brian for his toast and for helping out me and the groom in various
ways.  Thanks also to his wife Patty for not only taking fabulous photos at the wedding but
also putting them together with everyone else's... and for doing it so fast!   By the end of the
evening I had two DVD's full of photos :)

Thanks to Rod, my new brother-in-law, for helping to cut the cake and cook the rehearsal
dinner food.

Thanks to Tina for arranging my manicure and pedicure and for raising such good kids.  Thanks
to Crystal and Cassie and Brandon for each being a special part of our wedding.

Thanks to Mindi for doing such a wonderful job with the ceremony.

Thanks to Cynde for the beautiful money tree.

Thanks to my mom and dad, Todd's mom and dad, and Todd's step-parents for all your
support.  It meant a lot to us.

Thanks to LaWana Whitley of Coffee, Etc. in Springville for the fabulous catered food.

Thanks to Dorothy for the beautiful cake!  Everyone ooooohed and aaaaahed over it and
thought it was the most darling cake ever :)

Thanks to Gary Adest, owner of River Ridge Ranch in Springville, for all the help and for
offering and maintaining such a beautiful place for people to hold special events at.
Our ceremony site beneath a beautiful gracefully arching
California Sycamore Tree next to the Tule River
Mindi walks the men up the aisle
Cassie, Tina, and Kristine walk up the aisle
Here comes the bride!
Joe and Crystal read, Jill sings "When you say
Nothing at All"
"With this ring I give you my heart, let it be a
way for us to hold hands even when we're apart."
"You may now kiss the bride!"
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Getting a ride to the ceremony site while the guests have to walk
Mom first sees me in my dress
Before the wedding smiles