Our Wedding Reception!
Our very cute wedding cake :)

Made by Dorothy Montag of Terra Bella
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Eating the top layer of our wedding cake on our 1 year

10th Anniversary at River Ridge Ranch!

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Todd's Family, above

My Family, below
The Bridal Party
My Dad and me
Mindi and me, above

Kristine and me, below
Todd and Brandon
Todd's Mom and Stepdad, Sandy and Craig
Tina and Me
My Mom and Dad, Philip and Wanda
Kristine and Brian sign the marriage certificate
Posing near the rock where we took our engagement photo
Giving 4wheelbob a hug, above

My mom, me, and Bob, below
Kristine and Joe
You just gotta love my dad's hat, lol!
First Dance, guests were blowing bubbles at us :)
Father Daughter Dance
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, aka Joe and Kristine
Patty and Brian
Kristine gives her toast, a skit performed by various
family members and friends!
Cuttin' and eatin' the Cake
Todd goes for the garter, and look at the bride's cute boots :)
Todd's good friend Cyndee made us a money tree
Todd and Mike sing a little karaoke
Crystal, Cyndee, and Tony get down!
Later on we all sit around the campfire and Mindi sings us songs...
including a very silly one she and Kristine wrote just for us :)
Mother Son Dance
Todd's mom, stepdad, and me
Even my dad is dancing!
Cassie, Brandon, Crystal, and Tina
My mom and me