West Rim Backpacking Trip
West Rim Trailhead to the Grotto, Zion NP
October 6-7, 2005
The West Rim Trail is a beautiful one even though some of the forest burned in a 1996 fire.
The oak and maple were turning into their colorful fall wardrobes and the views were
endless! I did this backpack trip with 5 other ladies whom I'd met through various hiking
websites - DyanTX, Bobcat, JaneC, Madcow, and BettyK.  I first hiked with the faster
hikers, Bobcat and Madcow. When we got to the Potato Hollow Spring we found a great big
Ponderosa Pine to eat lunch under. I also found two great big blisters on my heels :( So I
moleskinned them up and the rest of the day and all the next day I hiked with the moseyers
- Betty, Dyan, and Jane.
On top of Zion on the West Rim Trail
After filtering water we left Potato Hollow and it was a long trek to Campsite #4 on the
West Rim as we were all carrying a gallon or more of water as it would be another dry camp.
We were all tired by the time we got there! So we ate dinner and went to bed when the sun
Bobcat and the view looking north
DyanTX, JaneC, me, BettyK, Mtmnslady, Bobcat, and Madcow
Mtmnslady didn't come with us because she wasn't feeling good :(
Me and the view looking south
Madcow and Bobcat filtering water at the Potato Hollow Spring
In the morning Bobcat and Madcow got up early and left early – they were both going to
climb up to Angel's Landing. I already climbed it once a year and a half ago, and with my
blisters, I didn't feel like climbing it again, so I hiked with the moseyers. We moseyed
down off of the West Rim on a very dramatic trail that is carved right into the sandstone
cliff. The autumn colors in the canyons were beautiful and then we began to bump into more
and more dayhikers. By the time we got to the base of Angel's Landing it was a zoo! And my
feet were getting very sore… We stopped in the shade for a break and were greeted by
2 very friendly chipmunks. Then it was down down down Walter's Wiggles, a famous and
steep series of switchbacks. All the while I was wondering where Walter's Escalator or
Elevator was? Anyway, I was glad, very glad, to see the bridge crossing the Virgin River and
the trailhead and Debra waiting for us :) We hopped on the shuttle and it took us back to
the Visitor Center. Nearby is Watchman Campground and there Betty's husband was waiting
with a nice big site on the river where we set up our tents, and after eating dinner and
shuttling cars around, retired early.
The fall colors were beautiful along some portions of the trail!
JaneC coming along after me on the trail
BettyK, Dyan, and JaneC with about 2 miles to go!
Dyan unpacking, Bobcat's already got her tent set up
Betty and Bobcat are happy to be sitting down!
Dyan's Pictures!
Jane's Pictures!

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We made it and Bobcat and Madcow are already near our
campsite enjoying the view at sunset
Betty, Jane, and Dyan start the long descent down
off of the rim into the valley
Down down down we go into a crazy trail carved
right into the huge sandstone cliff
Down in the canyons the fall colors are magnificent!
But there were still some flowers blooming!
Can anyone help ID this flower?
Who spilled the paint?
Angel's Landing from above - I can't believe I climbed that
skinny sandstone spine a year and a half ago!
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trip report and
here for a 360* view from Angel's Landing
Going down Walter's Wiggles
Heading out of Refrigerator Canyon
This last mile of trail is very steep and dramatic
Are we there yet?
The Ponderosa at the Potato Hollow Spring
under which we ate lunch