Tarol is the name I gave myself when I was little.  I
had difficulty pronouncing Carol, or the "K" sound, so I
became Tarol.  Incidentally, when I was even littler, I
said my name was Ro-Ro.  Only people who are related
to me can call me by that!  LOL!

My best friend in the 8th grade, Kristie, liked this
nickname so much she became Tristie.  She drew me
pictures of ponies that she named Tarols.  Don't ask...  
Silly 8th grade girlie stuff.

So the story goes...

I then found this on the internet.  A tarol is a
shallow-bodied snare drum designed for playing on the
shoulder.  Hmmmmm, not sure what that has to do with
anything, but it's interesting nonetheless!  I mean, who
ever would have thought of playing a drum on your

Also, a girl and a guy both named Tarol have signed my
guestbook.  Who would've thought?

Also, it's a good thing I married a man named Todd or I
would've had to change his name!  lol

Anyway, scroll down for some random pics of me, Tarol
or Carol or whatever you want to call me, along with
some friends and family :)  And
click here to find out
more about me.
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So ya wanna be
a Ranger?
My Aunt Katy and I at my
college graduation
Me in Baltimore, MD
MaryAnn and I inside a giant sequoia
Me freezing out in the middle of nowhere
(somewhere along the CO/WY border)
Me decending a staircase on the way to
Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges NM
Me at Oregon Dunes NRA
Giving an interpretive talk on top of Moro Rock
Me on the steps up to the Needles Lookout
Me and Sammy
At my college graduation
Me near Eagle Falls near Lake Tahoe
Me standing next to the first giant sequoia I ever saw
Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite NP
My sister Kristine and I on Liberty Island, NY
Behind us is Manhattan with the twin towers of
the World Trade Center
Photographed March 1996
Todd and me in Big Sur November 2005
Our wedding May 2007
On our honeymoon, Wupatki NM, May 2007
Our first anniversary, at the top of the
Palm Springs Tram, May 2008
At Bryce Canyon, above
Inside a marble cavern, Sequoia National Park, below
Hiking and photographing in Zion National Park
Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park
Snowshoeing near Crested Butte, CO
Me taking this photo
Help me!  I'm falling into the Owen's Valley!
And the Painted Desert!
Best not to take yourself too seriously ;)
Me incubating Todd Jr.!
Howdy pardner!
My sister Kristine and I
Me meeting Todd Jr. for the first time