Newts, manzanita, and
shooting stars
My first hike on this trail
An overnight backpack trip on this trail

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The Doyle or Wishon Trail is one of my favorite local trails. It starts at about 4,000'
and follows the Middle Fork of the Tule River up to the Wishon Grove of Giant
Sequoias. 4wheelbob drove down to Springville this morning and then we drove
together up the Tule Canyon to the Wishon Trailhead and then we hiked a portion of
the trail... Along the way we saw many different species of wildflowers, California
Torreya (a rare tree endemic to California), bear scat, a California newt, lots of birds,
interesting fungi, tree sized manzanita bushes, and the list goes on...
Sierra Newt Taricha torosa sierrae
Shooting Star
California Indian Pink
Unfurling fern frond (try saying that 3 times fast!)
Tree sized manzanita and a close up of the bark below
Kern County Larkspur
Delphinium purpusii
Monkey Flower
Eastwood's Baby Blue Eyes, Nemophila pulchella,
carpeted much of the forest floor